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A v. nice j. song!!! Hope you guys like it....

After all this time, I can't go back to that place...
No matter how wonderful the memories are in my heart, I should put them away.
I still remember to this day. That's good enough.
Don't worry. I can still sing.
Someday I'll return. The home all my own.

Quick shower of rain Increasingly irritated heart into a garbage dump
Like that several seasons passed
But I could still hear the voice of my hometown
Full of myself, I flew.
Ended up backstabbing people with farewell regrets.
This kind of crumbling dream, alone there was nothing I could do.

At that time, the people I met...
Surely, people aren't that strong That's why
they become swallowed up by jealousy and Ego
But that version of me was tenderly held close. Sorrowfully I cried.
I understood my own weakness.
But my dream came true. I got to liking it a bit.

So I created a home,
Kind of like a huge supportive mansion.
I saw clearly. The world changed.
It became easier to breathe.
Second by second we were growing up, everyone.
That's why I'm glad we met. I'm glad it happened this way.
And so, I've said just about everything.

A place where your heart can be at ease. I suspect everyone has one of these.
The friends I grew up with,
Lovers who've been by my side,
I've lost them all but... a dream I'd like to fulfill
I've lost that too, but once again I've been made to remember.
My new home is right here. But I still remember...


Not being able to sleep, I see the same dream over and over.
At that time I received the new place, an entirely new beginning
Regardless of the size of reparations to be paid
I want to be more sensitive to the love
because I don't want to be made to believe it hurts
I don't want to be forced to give up.

So, I've found a means to live
The prejudice-covered common sense crumbles.
If it was put in front of me, almost broken and brittle
but somehow the smile never faded.
It was just like that it seemed. Certainly
it was the first time but miserable yet beautiful.
The clear sky sparkled and twinkled
Right then, once more, we started to cry.


If I look back on where I've come thus far
The smiles and tears
Shaking and shivering it'd reflect.
That's me. When you tie it to my future,
I believe it. The home all my own.
because I believe in it.


Source: http://shourainoyume.blogspot.com/2008/01/home-shimizu-shota.html

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